Split & Bay Fuel Cap Holder


Where do you put your fuel cap when filling up with petrol? On the vehicle drip rail? In your pocket? On the pump and then drive off without it? Well now you can keep it safe and sound by placing it in the Auto Wares leather fuel cap holder.

Simply slip your holder over the end of your filler neck and you're away! It can then be folded up behind your petrol flap so when you next fill up it drops down and is already in place for use.

Also useful as a guard for fuel spillage down the side of your vehicle and also as a protector again chips or scratches from the fuel nozzle.

Handmade in the UK by OB1 using 2mm dyed through vegetable tanned shoulder leather, hand stamped with the Auto Wares logo and then folded and double cap riveted to create the pocket. (Due to the nature of natural leather, the products you will receive may vary slightly in colour and markings from those pictured. Also, as leather is a natural product, it will age and change with use, developing a beautiful patina and a truly unique item).

Fits splits and bays as well as vehicles with a 58mm diameter filler neck.

Available in ebony, natural or chestnut. Sold separately