Bay Window Convex Mirror - Patina'd, 1967 - 1979


New patina'd version of our best selling convex bay window mirror!

The Auto Wares Bay Window convex mirror is identical in size and profile to the original factory item your vehicle left the factory with. However, it has the benefit of convex glass to provide you with a greater field of view enabling you to see much more of the road beside you.

The all important convex glass has been made from fully tested industry standard 2mm, first surface anti dazzle chrome glass. The outer mirror casing is made from polished stainless steel and the arm and base are both chrome plated. The glass is held in place by a rigid grey moulded plastic insert.

When you fit an Auto Wares Bay Window Convex Mirror to your vehicle, you are set to reap the benefits of a wider view whilst driving and taking the guesswork out of changing lanes!

The mirror case and arm will continue to age/patina over time due to the original stainless steel coating being compromised to create the patina.

Also available individually.

Does not include the mounting washer.

Please note: these are aged to order so they may take up to a week to be shipped.